As President of the TC Curling Club, I wanted a way to keep you all up to speed on our progress towards getting dedicated ice. I look forward to the days when we can hang out in the warm room and catch up with each other. But in the meantime, this is the best way I can keep you all in the loop during this exciting stage of our growth.

First off, I want to thank all the past board members that are now committee chairs. Their expertise and commitment will keep the operations of the club running smoothly while the board focuses on the future. Please step up and respond to the volunteer needs posted on Sign Up (thru the website). We need to keep strong and steady and continue to grow the club as we move towards dedicated ice.

Operations Team

  • VP of Operations: Ellie Hudson
  • Communications/Promotions; Meridith Lauzon
  • Bookkeeper: Linda Ball
  • Programming: Don Piche
    • Lead Instructor: Jill Riecke
    • Drawmaster: Dave Frey
  • Events: Chrissie Gonzales
  • Cherry Bombspiel: Dave Eggli
  • Membership Engagement/Swag: Matt Ross
  • Ice team: Paul Koss
  • Volunteers: Kim Fish

Board Members

  • Cara Colburn, President
  • Shawn Winter: VP of Development
  • Ellie Hudson: VP of Operations
  • Chuck Pittenger: Treasurer
  • Jill Riecke
  • Dennis Brodeur
  • Kevin Byrne
  • Crystal Feeney
  • George Townsend

December will be a transitional month for the board but in January we will hit the ground running! Stay tuned for updates and please feel free to reach out to me anytime. I prefer to talk or meet in person. But I am also on Slack which is a great way to have an “electronic conversation” if that works best for you!

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Good Curling!