ClubSpiel – Team Playdown


The Playdown is a free, members-only tournament where teams compete for the right to represent the TC Curling Club in the 2019 Cherry Bombspiel.

  • The Playdown takes place during the Annual Clubspiel on Saturday, April 6. When not curling, Playdown participants will have plenty of time to enjoy everything the Clubspiel has to offer (mingling, food, Stormcloud beverages, BYOB,…)
  • While the Playdown is free, if your team qualifies, you are expected to pay for and participate in the Cherry Bombspiel, April 26-28, 4-game minimum, $410 per team.
  • Register for the Playdown as a team (one registration per team). All team members must be club members.
  • First draw is at 11:45am. Scroll down for full Playdown format details below.

Registered Teams (in order received):
1. House Crashers
2. Wild Sullys
3. The Rock Whisperers
4. Good to the Last Rock
5. Hammer Time
6. Bitter Ends
7. Scotch on the Rocks
8. 3 Sheets to the Wind
9. Stone Cold Sweep Austin
10. Whiskey Rocks
11. Not Yet Determined
12. Indiana Stones & the Temple of Broom
13. New Kids on the Rock
14. Overswept
15. Worry Free International
16. Manitou Yeti

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Playdown Format Details:

  • First draw is at 11:45AM. If needed, draw for group placement takes place at 11:30am (it likely will be done the week beforehand)
  • 4 teams will qualify for the Cherry Bombspiel.
  • We have space for up to 16 teams to participate in the playdown, and format options that work with 6 to 16 teams.
  • You will play 1, 2, or 3 games (most likely 2). No matter what the format is, if you win 2 games you will qualify for the Bombspiel!
  • 6-end games. Ties are decided by skip stones (i.e. draw to the button).

More than you want to know…

  • The playdown will be some combination of the following formats:
    • [A] 3-team round robin (2 games each, see scoring below(*), winner qualifies);
    • [B] 4-team single elimination (1 or 2 games each, winner qualifies);
    • [C] 4-team double elimination (2 or 3 games each, 2 teams qualify); and
    • [D] (less likely) 3-team round robin, top 2 teams qualify (2 games each, see scoring below(*)).
  • If 16 teams sign up, the format will be BBBB (i.e., Four 4-team single elimination groups). Here are the possible formats: 6 teams – DD, 7-CD, 8-CC, 9-AAD, 10-AAC, 11-ABC, 12-AAAA, 13-AAAB, 14-AABB, 15-ABBB, 16-BBBB
  • The top seeds in each group will be selected by the Draw Master based on past results to avoid placing all the strongest teams in the same group and eliminating each other. In the event of mixed group types, the highest seeds will get a choice of the group type they want to play in. Remaining group placements will be determined by random draw before play begins.
  • (*) [A] and [D] 3-team round robin scoring details:
    • Note if you forfeit one game, you forfeit both your games (even if you played them already)
    • Note we are also tracking ends won for tie-breakers (5-ends minimum required per game)
    • 3 pts for a ‘regulation’ win or win-by-forfeit; 2 pts for a skip-stones win; 1 pt for a skip-stones loss
    • Tie-Breaker 1 – If only 2 teams are tied, head-to-head results determine the ranking.
    • Tie-Breaker 2 – If all 3 teams finish with 3 pts, the team with the most ends won is the winner.
    • Tie-Breaker 3 – if all 3 teams are still tied with 3 pts and equal ends won, final results are determined by the initial team standings.

Broomstacking throughout Draws and until 9 PM.  Please drink responsibly.


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