Oh, how I hate cancelling curling! This has been an odd season to have so many cancelled nights but safety is of utmost concern, so thank you for your understanding. We curlers are a hearty group but Mother Nature can surely humble us! Thank you, Dave Frey, for building in a few snow dates to the end of the season… what foresight!

On that note, please be sure and check the league schedule for the dates your team needs to come early or stay late to clean up. I know it sucks when you finish early and it is your night to clean up, but please stay and pitch in. We need everyone to help out so that the core people don’t get burnt out.

Now the dedicated ice stuff…

The Board has been working hard opening doors and gathering much needed info from other clubs about building dedicated ice and the operational aspects of having dedicated ice. We are gaining a greater understanding of this process as well as finding mentors to help us along the way.

We have also been scouting for potential real estate opportunities that might be available for renovation. Needless to say, we need a really big building and there is very little currently on the market that fits the bill. We are looking into some of the vacant box stores as a possibility for our next step.

We have also had some really great meetings with community members who are excited about our club and see the amazing energy and commitment from our members. There is nothing better that inviting someone to chat in the bleachers while you all are prepping the ice, greeting each other in the bleachers and enjoying the camaraderie and competition of curling. You make it so easy to sell our dream of dedicated ice just by “doing your thing” on curling nights. So, keep it up… We are making inroads and getting the attention of people that can really help us move forward on this project.

If you have time…

Stop by Broomstack Kitchen and Taphouse in Maple City. David G. and Joey’s place just opened last week and Tim Griffith is the head chef. We all know how wonderful his food is, so go check it out! The Leelanau Curling Club is still under construction but moving along – check that out too while you are there.
As always, good curling!