What an amazing weekend at the Nationals in Kalamazoo.  So many curlers and such great curling. There is nothing like seeing “the best” in our country compete LIVE!  The final 2 days were sold out in Kalamazoo…over 1300 tickets each day. That bodes very well for the sport of curling in America!

We had a great board meeting last Monday and we are now entering into the feasibility phase of the dedicated ice project.  This feasibility study (with professional consultants) will allow us to determine the sustainability of our dedicated ice facility into the future.  Should we do 4 sheets, 5 sheets 6 sheets? What is the potential membership? What is the best membership structure to meet our financial goals? What are other revenue streams?  It is important that we have a realistic view of our financial future. Potential donors and financial institutions will want to see the results of our feasibility study before they commit to a project of this nature.

We are also putting together plans to continue to retain and grow our membership at Centre Ice.  Although we are working hard and making inroads towards dedicated ice, it will be the most cost-effective option to remain at Centre Ice for the next 2-3 years while we are in the planning, funding and construction phase of the project.  So, hang in there and be patient! In the meantime, please take the opportunity to go to a friendly or a bonspiel and get on dedicated ice so you know it is worth the wait!

Enjoy the season and good curling!  Cara