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There is plenty to talk about as our Club grows, develops, and pushes towards dedicated ice. Here is the latest…

Clubspiel Info

Posted March 3, 2019

Dear Members,

We hope you will all join in for the annual Clubspiel, taking place this year on Saturday, April 6. Our Clubspiel is an action-packed day of curling, food, drinks, and member appreciation with your fellow members as we reflect and celebrate another year of our club coming to a close. Taking place at Centre Ice on our ice and in the Community Room for broomstacking, the Clubspiel is a perfect event to get to know your fellow members and close the year out with your teammates.


As in years past, this year’s Clubspiel will feature two simultaneous curling events – our “Playdown” and our “Funspiel.” Both events are complimentary to participate in for TCCC members as a token of appreciation for your membership this year.

Club Playdown

The Playdown is a competitive team event that will decide which four teams will be eligible to participate in the 2019 Cherry Bombspiel, the weekend-long Bonspiel we host every year. (The Cherry Bombspiel is the club’s largest event, most significant fundraiser, and an official international curling tournament featuring competitive teams from several clubs around the Great Lakes Curling Association and beyond, including Olympians such as the reigning Gold Medalist, Tyler George.)

Participation in the Playdown is open to any team aiming to qualify for the Cherry Bombspiel. All four members of the team must be TCCC members, although they are not required to have curled together in league play. The number of draws and tournament format (round-robin, bracket, etc) will be determined by how many teams compete but will be competitive in nature,with four group winners qualifying for the Cherry Bombspiel.

The four qualifying TC teams from the results of this Playdown will be placed into the current Cherry Bombspiel bracket and will be responsible for the Cherry Bombspiel registration fee of $410, (prepare teams accordingly for participation in the Playdown). If a qualifying team cannot compete in the Cherry Bombspiel for whatever reason, the next-best placed team in that Playdown bracket will have the option to play in the Bombspiel. Teams should make a good faith effort to compete in the Cherry Bombspiel with the same team members that compete in the Playdown. If a team member needs to be replaced, approval is at the discretion of the Drawmaster.

Club Funspiel

The Funspiel is the companion curling event to the Playdown, geared towards those club members who just want to curl but are not interested in qualifying for the Cherry Bombspiel. This is a great opportunity for one last set of draws with your 2018-19 team, or can be a chance to curl with other members. Members can sign up for the Funspiel individually or as a team. The format of the Funspiel will be announced closer to the event. Stay tuned!

Members who aren’t curling, as well as other spectators, (your family and fans) are welcome to join the fun in the Community Room or the bleachers for the hospitality, camaraderie, and viewing fun of both tournaments, as well as the end-of-year Members Meeting.

Food & Drink

Ask our members what makes them feel appreciated and you’ll invariably get the answer of “Free Beer!” The beer will be not only fresh, cold, and yes, complimentary- but also some of the tastiest stuff around, provided for this event by our friends at Stormcloud Brewing. Members will have a chance to toast the year that was with our region’s best Belgian-inspired and Curling-approved refreshing beverages.

The Club will also provide simple lunch and dinner service and some snacks throughout the day. Those with beverage needs other than beer and those with strict dietary restrictions may wish to plan accordingly/BYO.

Member Meeting – Dedicated Ice Update

Our Board President Cara Colburn, and Board VP of Dedicated Ice, Shawn Winter, will lead a short meeting to update our progress toward Dedicated Ice. You will not want to miss these updates, as we are expecting to deliver some very exciting information. Your club membership and enthusiastic participation in our fundraisers such as the Tyler George Auction and the Club FunRaiser have made significant progress possible toward this goal.

We’ll also be able to give more information about the Cherry Bombspiel including the volunteering positions available and spots in the Chili cookoff. We need a strong showing from our members to produce this major event each year and we hope you’ll feel inspired and energized to do your part.

In short: mark your calendars and block the day of April 6, and plan to join your fellow members at Centre Ice Arena for an amazing 2019 Clubspiel.  Stay tuned to the website and club social media for updates on timing, draws, and other information.

Good Curling!

~Ellie Hudson

TCCC Board VP of Operations – On behalf of the TC Curling Club Board & Operations Team

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February Board Report

Posted February 26, 2019

What an amazing weekend at the Nationals in Kalamazoo.  So many curlers and such great curling. There is nothing like seeing “the best” in our country compete LIVE!  The final 2 days were sold out in Kalamazoo…over 1300 tickets each day. That bodes very well for the sport of curling in America!

We had a great board meeting last Monday and we are now entering into the feasibility phase of the dedicated ice project.  This feasibility study (with professional consultants) will allow us to determine the sustainability of our dedicated ice facility into the future.  Should we do 4 sheets, 5 sheets 6 sheets? What is the potential membership? What is the best membership structure to meet our financial goals? What are other revenue streams?  It is important that we have a realistic view of our financial future. Potential donors and financial institutions will want to see the results of our feasibility study before they commit to a project of this nature.

We are also putting together plans to continue to retain and grow our membership at Centre Ice.  Although we are working hard and making inroads towards dedicated ice, it will be the most cost-effective option to remain at Centre Ice for the next 2-3 years while we are in the planning, funding and construction phase of the project.  So, hang in there and be patient! In the meantime, please take the opportunity to go to a friendly or a bonspiel and get on dedicated ice so you know it is worth the wait!

Enjoy the season and good curling!  Cara

Posted: February 7, 2019

Ice Outside, Inside, and In Your Drink.

by Cara Colburn, Board President

Oh, how I hate cancelling curling! This has been an odd season to have so many cancelled nights but safety is of utmost concern, so thank you for your understanding. We curlers are a hearty group but Mother Nature can surely humble us! Thank you, Dave Frey, for building in a few snow dates to the end of the season… what foresight!

On that note, please be sure and check the league schedule for the dates your team needs to come early or stay late to clean up. I know it sucks when you finish early and it is your night to clean up, but please stay and pitch in. We need everyone to help out so that the core people don’t get burnt out.

Now the dedicated ice stuff…

The Board has been working hard opening doors and gathering much needed info from other clubs about building dedicated ice and the operational aspects of having dedicated ice. We are gaining a greater understanding of this process as well as finding mentors to help us along the way.

We have also been scouting for potential real estate opportunities that might be available for renovation. Needless to say, we need a really big building and there is very little currently on the market that fits the bill. We are looking into some of the vacant box stores as a possibility for our next step.

We have also had some really great meetings with community members who are excited about our club and see the amazing energy and commitment from our members. There is nothing better that inviting someone to chat in the bleachers while you all are prepping the ice, greeting each other in the bleachers and enjoying the camaraderie and competition of curling. You make it so easy to sell our dream of dedicated ice just by “doing your thing” on curling nights. So, keep it up… We are making inroads and getting the attention of people that can really help us move forward on this project.

If you have time…

Stop by Broomstack Kitchen and Taphouse in Maple City. David G. and Joey’s place just opened last week and Tim Griffith is the head chef. We all know how wonderful his food is, so go check it out! The Leelanau Curling Club is still under construction but moving along – check that out too while you are there.
As always, good curling!

Posted: December 12, 2018

Welcome to Beyond the Rocks.

by Cara Colburn, Board President

As President of the TC Curling Club, I wanted a way to keep you all up to speed on our progress towards getting dedicated ice. I look forward to the days when we can hang out in the warm room and catch up with each other. But in the meantime, this is the best way I can keep you all in the loop during this exciting stage of our growth.

First off, I want to thank all the past board members that are now committee chairs. Their expertise and commitment will keep the operations of the club running smoothly while the board focuses on the future. Please step up and respond to the volunteer needs posted on Sign Up (thru the website). We need to keep strong and steady and continue to grow the club as we move towards dedicated ice.

Operations Team

  • VP of Operations: Ellie Hudson
  • Communications/Promotions; Meridith Lauzon
  • Bookkeeper: Linda Ball
  • Programming: Don Piche
    • Lead Instructor: Jill Riecke
    • Drawmaster: Dave Frey
  • Events: Chrissie Gonzales
  • Cherry Bombspiel: Dave Eggli
  • Membership Engagement/Swag: Matt Ross
  • Ice team: Paul Koss
  • Volunteers: Kim Fish

Board Members

  • Cara Colburn, President
  • Shawn Winter: VP of Development
  • Ellie Hudson: VP of Operations
  • Chuck Pittenger: Treasurer
  • Jill Riecke
  • Dennis Brodeur
  • Kevin Byrne
  • Crystal Feeney
  • George Townsend

December will be a transitional month for the board but in January we will hit the ground running! Stay tuned for updates and please feel free to reach out to me anytime. I prefer to talk or meet in person. But I am also on Slack which is a great way to have an “electronic conversation” if that works best for you!

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Good Curling!