NOTE : Information currently out of date.


Thanks to the courage and generosity of Traverse City’s Centre Ice Arena combined with the support of curling clubs from around Michigan, and the enthusiastic participation of more than 60 volunteers, we introduced the Olympic sport of curling to Traverse City on April 26, 2014.

Curling is a unique sport. It has its own language, customs, and traditions. Even the scoreboard is different and a little hard to understand at first.

That Saturday, more than 500 people attended a curling Open House at Centre Ice Arena and enjoyed watching five visiting teams from Michigan curling clubs compete in draws (games). Nearly 270 of the attendees took part in on-ice demonstrations and practice sessions.

Beneath it all is a fellowship based on respect, integrity, honor, and decency. Curling is growing in popularity nationwide, and Traverse City is poised to become a curling destination hotspot.

As our club launches its third season, I encourage you to engage in all the activities we will be offering, from learn-to-curl sessions to full-fledged league play. No experience is necessary.

If you are an experienced curler, we welcome you to come and help us as we get the club off the ground—or just come and curl in one of our leagues and meet others who share your love of the game.

I can assure you (and warn you?) that curling is an addictive game in the very best sense of the word!

Good curling!

Don Piche

President, TC Curling Club

A Few Thoughts…

Just a few thoughts as we begin season one in our leagues and our Learn To Curl classes:

  • Be patient. We are all learning.
  • Be prompt. Your team will have some role in set-up and tear-down of the curling surface.
  • If you will be absent, it’s your responsibility to find a sub. Sub lists are available here.
  • Centre ICE supports curling. Be sure we leave the facility better than we found it!
  • Invite your friends! Learn to Curl classes will be happening frequently through the fall.
  • Speak up…our board wants your input to help make our club better.
  • Step up… If you can help our club in any committee we could use your help.
  • Ask questions. We are all learning how to do this… There is never a stupid question!

Thanks for being part of what we hope will be the mecca of curling in the Midwest. Good curling!